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Do you want to quit smoking? This October why don't you give vaping a try during the month of stoptober? Vapers, do you have a family member, or a friend, who you want to try and help quit smoking? Use our discount code STOP10 at checkout to get 10% off your order throughout the month of October.


STOPTOBER is a national campaign by Public Health England that is aimed at helping smokers get through their first 28 days smoke free.

"E-cigarettes are a great way to help combat nicotine cravings and carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes." NHS Stoptober.

"Over recent years, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or vapes) have been getting more popular. In 2017, ASH estimated there were almost 3 million e-cigarette users in Great Britain. More than half of these are ex-smokers, and many people report using an e-cigarette to help stop smoking." Cancer Research UK

"The most effective way to stop smoking is through a combination of medication and support available from free local stop smoking services. But for people who’ve tried to quit before, or don’t want to use medication or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), e-cigarettes could be another way to stop smoking. Most stop smoking services will let you take an e-cigarette along to help with your quit attempt. Please see our page on how to stop smoking for further information." Cancer Research UK


A link to more information about the benefits of E-cigarettes over cigarettes can be found below on the Cancer Research UK website.

3 reasons you’ll join in this Stoptober.



No matter how long you’ve smoked for, quitting can help to start improve your health straight away.



You’ll have more cash in your pocket. If you smoke a packet a day, you could save around £250 each month!



Quitting helps protect your loved ones from harmful secondhand smoke – reducing their risk of developing health problems such as asthma and some cancers.



A link below to the NHS Stoptober campaign website with full support to the 28 day challenge, and a video for their Stoptober 2017 TV ad. Read more here.


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