Chiricahua Sun.

Chiricahua Sun

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Chiricahua Sun, a mild tobacco base with an indefinable sweet nutty topping. Created as a labour of love by our head creator and Manabush founder, this juice has not only a personal touch, but a story behind its creation.

Chiricahua Sun has, for us a history.

The name is a tribute to the whole concept of the Manabush E-liquid branding and idea.

"I have always been a music lover, and as a young man and still even today I was a very big fan of Adam and the Ants, The Cult and Claytown Troupe, all of which drew heavily on Native American art and imagery in the earlier years. When the concept of Manabush was first conceived, this was the influence that steered me to choose everything from the name to the actual branding itself."

Prominent Flavours:

  • Sweet Tobacco
  • Nuts
  • Golden Syrup

Available In TPD Compliant format in a 10ml

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